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Your Handbag Is Your Choice!

Your Handbag Is Your Choice!

As we all know, designer luxury bags are so expensive that some people cannot afford to buy. The knockoff bags has come as a blessing in disguise. Knockoff industry is huge. Its price, quality and the easy availability has made these bags the middle-class people’s favorite.

The real challenge is

  • To differentiate the knockoff and counterfeit bags
  • To differentiate the real luxury and knockoff bags

This is quite tricky. Counterfeit bags are fake, illegal. Some countries have strict laws against the sale of fake bags. Still, the counterfeit bag markets are blooming and many people fall into the trap, admiring the lower price it offers. With a small research, it is possible to identify the fake bags.

  • Examine the bag. Touch and feel the leather. Check the stitches and logo and see whether they are rightly placed.
  • Ask for the price. No designer bags manufacturers give huge discounts and offers. The real ones are always in the higher end.
  • Check the hardware components of the bags like zipper, closures, and Ensure that they smooth enough to operate.

So, now we can identify and avoid the fake counterfeit bags by performing the above-said tasks.

The next challenge would be identifying the knockoff bags. These bags are pretty straightforward. For example, Actually finding the difference between authentic and knockoff Louis Vuitton bags are not tedious, as the knockoff ones are sold as tributes and replicas and not as the real ones. The quality of the knockoff bags are good and they are actually made out of inspiration from the real luxury bags and not mere copying. They won’t hold the logo of the designer bags illegally.

So my verdict is if one is having a budget constraint, they can very well go for knockoff bags instead of the real luxury designer bags. But stay away from counterfeit handbags!